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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage



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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

Redes Sociales

8th edition of AR&PA in 2012

AR&PA 2012, from 24th to 27th May. With the support of UNESCO and in close liaison with the European Commission, AR&PA is the major Cultural Heritage event.

Since 1998, Valladolid (Spain) has hosted AR&PA every two years. The event’s exhibitors, international congress, the great quality and number of conferences held and its cultural heritage workshops and programmes have made the AR&PA Biennial the leading trade fair in the sector in Europe.

Event targeted at:

  1. Public and private institutions that hold, conserve, research, protect, restore and promote Cultural Heritage
  2. Foundations and Associations
  3. Universities and research groups
  4. Restorers and restoration workshops
  5. Workshop schools and trade apprenticeship centres
  6. Companies and experts of Cultural Heritage management
  7. Companies linked to:
  • Architecture
  • Conservation and Restoration of Monument Heritage
  • Conservation and Restoration of Movable Heritage
  • Sustainable buildings in Heritage Interventions
  • Interpretation and popularisation of heritage
  • Publishing companies and specialist magazines
  • Management and stimulation of culture
  • Lighting for art and architecture
  • Tools and machinery used in restoration
  • Research, Analysis and Diagnosis Services
  • Archaeological Interventions
  • Preventive conservation in Restoration
  • Auxiliary resources: scaffolding, arches, stages and platforms
  • Multimedia and Software
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Natural and Ethnological Heritage
  • Products and materials used in Restoration
  • Security and risk prevention
  • Research, analytical and diagnostic security
  • Technology and innovation in Heritage interventions
  • Preservation and restoration treatments
  • Cultural Tourism


  • Professional sector groups: architects, restorers, etc.
  • Cultural Heritage management experts and curators
  • Students
  • Members of the general public who are interested in discovering more about Cultural Heritage

Specialised programme

  1. Prestigious AR&PA International Conference
  2. AR&PA Innovation
  3. Technical Workshops to analyse and evaluate Cultural Heritage actions
  4. AR&PA Awards for historical Heritage actions
  5. Technical Presentation
  6. Workshops
  7. AR&PA initiatives
  8. Social Programmes:
  • AR&PA with the family
  • AR&PA for everyone
  • Open for AR&PA

AR&PA 2010 data

280 exhibitors from 16 countries
147 technical presentations
29,306 visitors
With the support of UNESCO, in close liaison with the European Commission and the participation of the ICCROM
Sponsored by Volconsa and El Norte de Castilla
The theme for AR&PA 2010 was “Economics of Cultural Heritage”

Available Registration Form for AR&PA and for AR&PA Innovation program