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Flag, emblem and coat of arms

Flag, emblem and coat of arms IV

Escudo de Castilla y León

The region's heraldic tradition lay the foundations, but the definition of a unique and perfectly shaped "logo" is a little bit more complicated. With the implementation of the autonomic process, it was chosen the institutional emblem for the Autonomous region of Castilla y León. It was not an easy task. It started with a long, delicate and rigorous process of historic research with changes on the different models of Castilla y León coat of arms, due to the appearance of new documents.

The Decree of 1989 from the Regional Ministry of Presidency and Territorial Administration changed the escutcheon, in order to make it more rigorous with the heraldic laws. It introduced a more organised, well-balanced and clear design, while the figures and shape's design was also more eye-catching and appropriate.

The last important change of the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla y León (Organic Law 4/1999, 8th January), includes an express mention to escutcheon.

In the autonomous region of Castilla y León there is a special feature: it has a duality of emblems. Together with the flag, there is also a banner of Castilla y León. That is why the region has double vexiolologic or flag representation. They can both be used, but not simultaneously, as we are before the same symbol. Moreover, the Statute of Autonomy makes a difference between both of them in the above-mentioned article 4.

It says that "the flag of Castilla y León is divided in four and gathers the symbols of Castilla y León (...). The flag shall be fluttering in all the region's official institutions and ceremonies, on the right of the Spanish flag. The banner shall be a escutcheon divided in four on a traditional crimson background. A Regional Government Decree will regulate the use and the design of the shape and size of the region's symbols. Each province and town council will keep the flags and emblems that are traditional for them".