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AR&PA Innovation

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What's AR&PA Innovation?

AR&PA Innovation is an initiative organised by the Spanish Castilla & León Regional Authority, in close liaison with the Cartif Foundation.

The aim of AR&PA Innovation programme is to provide a meeting point for R&D projects and prototypes to reach potential end users.

AR&PA Innovation is a space where R&D projects and prototypes focussed on Cultural Heritage are shown. It is a place in which presentations and workshops are made and good practices among researchers are promoted; in which end users gain access to the commercialization of projects.

The edition of AR&PA Innovation 2018 programme is to expose prototypes and/or research and innovation projects of implementation in the field of Cultural Heritage.

AR&PA Innovation will be held in Valladolid fron 8th to 11th November 2018, and will include the following activities:

  • A demonstration area for the exhibition of prototypes and technologies developed as part of research projects related to Cultural Heritage.
  • An area for presentation of the projects or lines of research.
  • Expert evaluation and 5rd AR&PA Innovation Awards.