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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage



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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

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What's AR&PA?

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The AR&PA Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage is the result of the fusion of Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management, held in Valladolid since 1998, and the Portuguese trade fair

AR&PA Biennial is a professional meeting point and discussion forum for professionals and institutions involved in protecting and managing Cultural Heritage.

Thanks to its exhibition area, the great variety of scientific and professional activities carried out and its social programmes, the AR&PA Biennial has become one of the leading trade fairs in the sector in Europe. Since 1998, Valladolid has hosted the AR&PA Biennial, a meeting point and discussion forum about Cultural Heritage. The only event of its kind to be held in Spain.

The AR&PA Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management is divided into various sections; some of these open to the public while others are restricted to professionals. The sections are:

  1. AR&PA Fair: stand displaying projects and initiatives in Cultural Heritage. Also AR&PA Fair includes the programmes AR&PA Business, AR&PA Employment, AR&PA Institutions and AR&PA musueums.
  2. AR&PA Forum. Presentations and Workshops to analyse and evaluate actions relating to cultural heritage
  3. AR&PA International Congress 2018. "The role of Cultural Heritage in the construction of the Europe of Citizens"
  4. AR&PA Innovation, to expose R&D projects related to cultural heritage 
  5. The AR&PA Awards for Historical Heritage Actionsand the AR&PA Young International Award of Cultural Heritage Projects for architecture students
  6. Social AR&PA: AR&PA Initiatives, AR&PA in Family, AR&PA for Everyone, Open for AR&PA and AR&PA Voluntarees, social programmes that aims to bring families and especially young people with special needs closer to cultural heritage.

The next, 11th edition of the AR&PA Biennial will be held in Valladolid from 8 to 11 November 2018, with the title “European Year of Cultural Heritage