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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage



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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

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AR&PA 2.0 A new reality in Cultural Heritage

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Date of publication:

24 de septiembre de 2020


Consejería de Cultura y Turismo


Discover the essence of AR&PA in our special online edition.


The Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage, AR&PA, is happening this 26th - 28th November via a special digital edition, AR&PA 2.0. Our theme, The Resilience of Cultural Heritage has been adapted and updated to fit new circumstances arising from the Covid-19 health crisis.

Once more, AR&PA 2.0 will bring together professionals and institutions in an online platform, facilitating anew communication and co-operation in the sector. Our online platform will display the essence of AR&PA as a hub for meetings and business which aims to build relationships, professional, commercial and institutional initiatives and foster co-operation. AR&PA will return to a live format in future

Information and Communication Technology

By introducing Information and Communication Technology we are enhancing commercial opportunities in the Cultural Heritage Sector via the creation of original, attractive and appealing user content which highlights both the riches and the preservation of cultural heritage. Our 2.0 platform will allow us to offer once again the following programmes: AR&PA Fair, AR&PA Forum and the AR&PA International Cultural Heritage Prizes for Architecture students.

The Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage, AR&PA, was founded in 1998 with the aim of  highlighting to the public the diverse disciplines that comprise Cultural Heritage at both a national and international level. It opened up the sector to every kind of public, and has a particular focus on allowing sector professionals and institutions to meet for debate and discussion. AR&PA is the only event of its kind in Spain and, as a member of the HERIFAIR network of Heritage fairs, is also at the cutting edge of the sector in Europe.