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The regional Economic and Social Committee

The Economic and Social Committee is a collegiate body with consultive and advisory nature in socioeconomic aspects of Castilla y León. It has own legal personality. It is a permanent body of communication, advising and dialogue among the different economic and social interests and the autonomic administration.

Its organisation and powers are regulated in the Ley 13/1990, de 28 noviembre 1990 de creación y normas reguladoras del Consejo Económico y Social

According to this Act, the most important functions that the Committee must perform are: to inform, previously to its procedure, of the legal projects related to the region's socioeconomic policy, and to prepare an annual report on the general socioeconomic situation of the region.

The Committee is composed of thirty six members. Twelve of them are representatives of the trade union's organisations of the region, twelve from the business organisations of Castilla y León and twelve among experts appointed by the regional government (6 members), representatives of the region's professional agrarian organisations (4 members), regional consumer's associations or association's federations (1 member) and regional labour cooperative or public limited companies (1 member).

The headquarters are in Valladolid at Avd. de Salamanca, 51

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