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AR&PA International Conference

The “AR&PA” International Conference is held as one of the activities of the Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage, in this edition it focuses "The role of Cultural Heritage in the construction of the Europe of Citizens".

AR&PA 2014 International Conference

The conference is based on lectures on a wide variety of subjects, one round table, and communications, with noted experts from the most varied possible fields related to the topic in question taking part. The conference also serves to analyse the current situation of each issue and to present the most recent research.

Speakers are invited on the basis of their contribution and practical experience in the subject matter of the conference, or for being international leaders in the various disciplines related to cultural heritage.

The different topics for the AR&PA International Conference to date have been:

  • 1998: Methods, techniques and criteria for conserving movable and immovable heritage.
  • 2000: Philosophy and protection of Heritage: "Restoring memory", a new concept in the conservation and restoration of modern architecture.
  • 2002: Restoration criteria for cultural assets: tradition and new technologies.
  • 2004: Archaeology, art and restoration
  • 2006: Heritage and Territory.
  • 2008: Heritage Management: towards a sustainable approach
  • 2010: Economics of Cultural Heritage.
  • 2012: Innovation in Cultural Heritage
  • 2014: Society and Heritage
  • 2016: Smart Heritage, smart territory
  • 2018: The role of Cultural Heritage in the construction of the Europe of Citizens

The minutes of each conference are published, including the presentations, communications and outcomes of each.


The AR&PA International Conference will be held as part of the AR&PA Biennial in Valladolid from 8th to 11th November 2018.


The "Chamber Room" of the Congress Center Miguel Delibes.

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