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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

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AR&PA Forum

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AR&PA Forum’s key feature as a hub for networking and debate for Cultural Heritage professionals is conserved in this special digital edition of the AR&PA 2.0.

Numerous technical seminars, technical presentations and B2B meetings between exhibitors and professionals will take place simultaneously during the three days of the Biennial. Each event will be listed in the events diary.

Technical Seminars:

Technical Seminars are the main focus for vigorous discussions and sharing at the AR&PA. Which is why our digital edition will feature these meetings where various specialists discuss topics about Cultural Heritage in front of an online audience, who can take part via posting questions and comments, thus generating the feedback typical of the AR&PA and the digital sphere in general.

Technical Presentations:

Held alongside as the fair, the Technical Presentations will be organised by the exhibitors themselves, who will be provided with individual virtual rooms or spaces at their own stands. These will be tailored to the exhibitors’ needs and interests and arranged in advance with the organisers in order to ensure the smooth running of the AR&PA 2.0’s online platform.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, AR&PA will also offer participants an events diary which will highlight the technical presentations.

Business Meetings or Networking:

This special AR&PA 2.0 edition will facilitate bi-lateral meetings among individual professionals, institutions and businesses in the sector who wish to enhance their commercial networks and the chance to make trade deals.

Information supplied in the registration forms for the digital AR&PA 2.0 will be used to generate lists of participants’ areas of interest, in order to facilitate and promote business opportunities and networking.

If you are not an exhibitor at the AR&PA but wish to hold a meeting, seminar, or technical presentation, please contact us via: or +34 617 630 393