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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage



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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

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AR&PA Cultural Heritage Fair

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To fulfil its aim of preserving cultural legacy for future generations, AR&PA 2.0 is holding a special online edition this year, which is set up to offer a great virtual and interactive experience for exhibitors, professionals and visitors alike.

To ensure the AR&PA 2.0 flows smoothly and that any queries may be swiftly resolved, those who wish to take part either as Exhibitors registration or in a Professionals registration capacity are asked to fill in an online registration form and a data form.

The data supplied on the forms helps to build a data profile of participants’ areas of interest, for the purpose of enhancing opportunities to network and do business, something which has long been a key feature of the AR&PA. 

This is how we gather data about the different needs and interests of participants, thus enhancing future interactions and networking possibilities during the Fair.


For further information please contact:

Phone: +34 617 630 393  +34 983 410 197