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Becoming an exhibitor

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If you would like to take part in the AR&PA 2.0 as an exhibitor, you only need to fill in the online registration form below. This will ask for general information about your organisation as well as for a description of the products and services you plan to bring to the AR&PA 2.0. You will also be asked to specify the kind of stand best suited to your needs as well as any materials you may require.

Once you have filled in the Registration form, you will have direct access to the virtual platform for the AR&PA 2.0.

              Exhibitors registration

The details of all professional organisations appearing at the AR&PA 2.0 will be published in the Exhibitors’ Catalogue which will also be available in a digital format and will be distributed by the Biennial AR&PA’s communication networks.

The information you supply on your forms will allow us to build a picture of the specific interests of all participants in AR&PA, and thus enhance business and networking opportunities for everyone who attends. This has long been a key benefit for those attending AR&PA.