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Programme of activities of the 2008 AR&PA Fair

A broad programme of activities was carried out within each of the Fair's sections over the four days of the Sixth AR&PA:

  • The exhibition fair itself, with technical presentations.
  • AR&PA with the Family.
  • AR&PA for Everyone.
  • The 6th International Conference.
  • The Technical Workshops of the 6th International Conference.
  • The awards ceremony of the 5th AR&PA Awards for Heritage actions.

A large structure in the middle of Pavilion 2 housed the information point, the meeting point for AR&PA with the Family and four multi-purpose rooms, where a series of technical presentations were carried out by Fair participants. The various official agreements that took place during the event were also signed in this space. 

Dates and venue

AR&PA was held from 30 October to 2 November 2008.


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