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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage



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Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage

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Technical Workshops to analyse and evaluate Cultural Heritage actions

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The Technical Workshops of the AR&PA Biennial comprises a set of discussion and meeting forums for professionals specialising in different areas of cultural heritage.

During the four days of the Biennial AR&PA numerous workshops, presentations and B2B meetings occur between exhibitors and professionals.

These will involve exhibiting, analysing and reviewing the professional experiences and projects carried out over recent years, in order to establish a framework for sharing the latest applications and knowledge.

The Technical Workshops will be carried out in parallel to the “AR&PA International Conference”. Continuing with the framework used in previous years, the workshops are being organised by public and private institutions and coordinated by a specialist with expertise in each of the subject areas.

The aim of the workshops is to share experiences and help ensure constant updating of the technical guidelines and criteria to be used in both actions relating to cultural assets and management actions to help increase public interest, enjoyment and participation in heritage.

The AR&PA organisation team provides this discussion space, but the workshops are managed, coordinated and their specific programmes prepared by each of the institutions involved.

The schedule of the Workshops and the technical presentation, as well as the name of the organizing entities will be included in the general programing of 11th AR&PA Biennial.

To make a Technical meeting if you aren't an exhibitor, you can contact at: or +34 617 630 393 // +34 667 028 016.

The programing of Technical meeting will be published soon.