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AR&PA Awards for Historical Heritage Actions

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The AR&PA Awards for Historical Heritage Actions, the only awards of their kind in Spain, were created in 2000 to give recognition to the work carried out by professionals and institutions involved in conserving and restoring Cultural Heritage, and to outstanding projects using novel techniques, methodologies and strategies in actions relating to cultural assets.

These awards are part of the programme of activities of the AR&PA Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management, and over the years, they have analysed and evaluated some exceptional projects, people and institutions remarkable for the work they have carried out in their commitment to Cultural Heritage.

This activity involves the different public institutions that care for and manage cultural heritage carrying out an evaluation of and a reflection on the criteria and methodology used in actions relating to cultural assets, an assessment of their promoters and experts using technical knowledge to preserve our cultural legacy, and the dissemination of this work, which sometimes does not achieve sufficient coverage or recognition due to its high level of specialisation.

The Bases Awards will be published soon.