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The Castilla y León regional Government website has been designed in order to provide easy access to all, regardless of age, disability or technological limitations.

In order to do so, the development of the website is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0, established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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Techniste, a company belonging to the ONCE Foundation, provided auditing features for the Website, in conformance with the Double A accessibility level requirements.

Seals Accessibility Technosite Certification WCAG WAI-AA and Certification Euracert eAccessibility AA


Some of the features implemented in the website enabling easier access to the contents are as follows:

  • The visual features of the portal (font type, font colour and background, etc.) are set through the style sheet, so users can adjust the text according to their liking.
  • The font size was defined with relative units, so it can be enlarged or reduced from the browser options tab.
  • If a user can not access the website through a browser that does not support style sheets, access is also available with the CSS deactivated.
  • The pages are clearly structured both for users who are able to see all the contents, for those who read the information through a screen reader and for those who deactivate the style sheet. With this in mind, section headlines, lists and all the features aiming to improve the general understanding of the website have been defined in HTML code.
  • Some contents are presented in pdf format. Any user wishing to get a version of those documents can request them through the "Contact" section.
  • The CSS and the HTML code used comply with formal grammar standards in order to guarantee correct viewing of the contents section via all browsers.
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In addition to this, several keyboard shortcuts have been created to access the main sections of the website. The different options that can be accessed through key combinations are:

  • A website logo (1)
  • A Hyperlink to JCYL topics (2)
  • "go" combo buttons (3)
  • Site Maps (4)
  • Citizen Service (5)
  • A Hyperlink to the banner protection (6)
  • A print button in the different content pages (p)

To use the keyboard shortcuts in systems based on Microsoft Windows, the key combinations to be used are the Desktop Shortcut Key (n Internet Explorar 4.0, Netscape, Mozilla), ALT + Desktop Shortcut Key + INTRO (Internet Explorer 5 or above) and Shift + Esc to activate the desktop shortcut keys in Opera. In MacOS systems the combination to be used is CONTROL + Desktop Shortcut Key.